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Jean-Pierre Chaboureau

I am Physicist at Laboratoire d'Aérologie (University of Toulouse/CNRS) within the "Atmosphere, Ocean and Couplings" research group. My main area of interest is the atmospheric water cycle.

Much of my activity is dedicated to the cloud schemes of the French mesoscale model Méso-NH and their evaluation using satellite observations through the model-to-satellite approach. The use of such an approach is illustrated upon some selected meteorological cases. The physically consistent hydrometeor and thermodynamic outputs from some Meso-NH simulations are used to generate a database called SIMGEO for cloud and precipitation retrievals. You will find also the sources of a statistical cloud parameterization.

I am currently involved in several international projects: DACCIWA, HyMeX, NAWDEX, and StratoClim and in a few other things (see my curriculum vitae).

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Jean-Pierre Chaboureau
Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
14, avenue Belin
31400 Toulouse, France
Tel: +33 5 61 33 27 50
Fax: +33 5 61 33 27 90
Email: jean-pierre.chaboureauaero.obs-mip.fr
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