Example of adapted tool: exrwdia.f90 and compilation ?

Exrwdia allows to create personnal program to match your personnal needs.

The extractdia program uses 2 routines of reading (readvar.f90) and writing (writevar.f90) of MesoNH variables as they are stored in diachronic files (that is in 6-dimensional arrays). These 2 routines can be used in your own program: an example of such a program is exrwdia.f90. The source code contains extended comments, and there are some examples of computation with the extracted fields (module and direction of components of wind, interpolation on some Z levels, maximum of a 3D field along the vertical direction, vertical average between two Z levels).

The use of this method need to be familiar with the Mesonh specificities: seven grids (Gal-Chen) for the storage of the variables, the U,V wind components are referenced in the Mesonh grid and are different from the Uzonal and Vmeridian components.

You have to :

To update the routines dependances directly inside the Makefile:

TANGUY Gaelle 2009-09-23