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This volume gathered by JL Redelsperger contains contributions from N. Asencio (CNRM), V. Ducrocq (CNRM), J. Escobar (LA), D. Gazen (LA), N. Gicquel (CNRM), L. Giraud (CERFACS), R. Guivarch (CERFACS), P. Jabouille (CNRM), P. Kloos (CERFACS & CNRM), D. Lugato (CERFACS), and J.L. Redelsperger (CNRM).

We thank also J. Stein (CNRM), A. Corjon(CERFACS), J. Duron (LA), J.P. Lafore(CNRM), J.P. Pinty(LA) and K. Suhre(LA) who have contributed to the project.

Any comments can be addressed to JL Redelsperger (email:

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