Meso-NH Mail List

Météo-France maitains a Méso-NH mail list, to which anyone can subscribe and unsubscribe. It is used for Méso-NH official announcements, releases and updates. To subscribe/unsubscribe to the Méso-NH mail list, send an email to

Meso-NH Licence

The use of the Meso-NH model by groups other than the developers is subject to a licence agreement. The code is supplied free of charge, but the new user agrees that he will not pass the code to other parts or use it for commercial purpose, and that he will quote the model name and appropriate reference in his publications, and supply one copy of these publications to the developers on request. The Meso-NH licence agreement form has to be signed, either in French (licenceFR.doc) or in English (licenceEN.doc).

Complete the form, add a 10 line description of your research project, and mail it to Christine Lac, Meteo-France, CNRM/GMME/Meso-NH, 42 avenue Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse Cedex, France. As soon as the licence will be signed by the three parts, you will be supplied with the source of Méso-NH, and get access to the restricted pages of this server. The Meso-NH user support group can provide some limited help to new users for installation and first use of the code. Tutorials sessions of three days are organized in Toulouse every six months or year. The users are regularly informed of upcoming sessions, so that they can register if needed. So far, the Meso-NH user support group comprises only two people at CNRM and one at LA, so be patient!

If you want to access to operational meteorological fields to initialize Meso-NH simulations, you have a choice of two sources: Météo-France and ECMWF. The authorization process is slightly different.

Users' Institutions

The list of Users' Institutions (userlist.pdf) is constructed based and updated with requests of Meso-NH licence received up to May 2014.

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