The Meso-NH CVS repository has been migrated to Git. You can now clone the open-source Meso-NH release from a ssh-based read access Git server.


In order to clone the Meso-NH git repository that contains sources, compiled libraries and binary tools, the git LFS extension is required to handle binary (or large) files. So before starting, be sure:

Before cloning

Cloning the Meso-NH repository

Finally you can clone the Meso-NH Git repository with the following command:

git lfs clone anongit@anongit_mesonh:/gitrepos/MNH-git_open_source-lfs.git MNH-VX-Y-Z

that will create the MNH-VX-Y-Z directory containing the latest Meso-NH package.

In a similar fashion, you can clone the Meso-NH documentation Git repository with the following command:

git clone anongit@anongit_mesonh:/gitrepos/MNH-DOC.git

that will create the MNH-DOC directory containing the latest LaTeX sources of the Meso-NH documentation.

Git Web Meso-NH Interface

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