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in a specified format (*.chf) like this one: attachment:ReLACS-mix-reac.chf in a specified format (*.chf) like this one: [[attachment:ReLACS-mix-reac.chf]]
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with the awk program attachment:m10.awk with the awk program [[attachment:m10.awk]]

Create your own chemical scheme

The following procedure is valid for Meso-NH versions since MASDEV4_9_0

STEP 1: write your chemical scheme

in a specified format (*.chf) like this one: ReLACS-mix-reac.chf

Edit this chf file and make the necessary changes.

STEP 2: create the fortran source

with the awk program m10.awk

Usage: "m10.awk ReLACS-mix-reac.chf"

STEP 3: compile your chemical scheme

Change the name of the chemical scheme to BASIC.f90

Create your user library (see the A-INSTALL file) and compile.

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