Example of input file for chemistry: CCHEM INPUT FILE

To run the chemistry in MESO-NH, additionnal informations are needed such as Henry's law coefficients, molecular masses, etc ... These informations need to be provided in an input file which name is specified in the namelist EXSEG1.nam:

 . &NAM_CH_MNHCn       LUSECHEM = T,
 .                     CCHEM_INPUT_FILE  = "MNHC.input",

An example of such a file is given here MNHC.input which is compatible with the default chemical scheme provided with the MESONH package.

This file allows the user to initialize the chemical species with fixed vertical profiles (the same vertical profile will be used to initialize the chemical species in all the simulation domain). The keywords for this initialization are FORMPROF (normalized vertical profile), NORMINIT (the value by which the vertical profile will be multiplied) and PROFASSO (which associates each molecule with a chosen vertical profile).

This file also contains the keywords (EMISUNIT and AGGREGATION) and necessary informations to link the emitted species calculated by the PREP_PGD and the diagnostic species in MESONH.

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