New developments of the version 5.2

Advection scheme WENO5

This is the default value of CUVW_ADV_SCHEME. It is associated to the new temporal scheme RK53 (also default value of CTEMP_SCHEME) (it should be noted that the new temporal scheme 'RK53' is also recommended for WENO3 - NWENO_ORDER=3)


Due to WENO5, a new option has been introduced:

Remark 1: JPHEXT=3 has to be used from the PGD step to the DIAG one.

Remark 2: the output files with JPHEXT=3 are bigger. For the graphical treatment, JPHEXT must be taken into account in order to plot only the physical domain.

These parameters are in the namelists:

Input/output in NetCDF

You can use all the I/O in NetCDF. The file names will be the same with the extension .nc4

    LCDF4=T      reading/writing in nc4 format
    LLFIOUT=T    if TRUE, LFI files are added
    LLFIREAD=F   if TRUE, LFI file is read; if FALSE, nc4 file is read

Changes for the definition of profiles/budgets/series

The following parameters consider now the physical domain only (they do not take into account JPHEXT).

Parallelization of PREP/SPAWNING

All the steps of MESONH are now parallelized.



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